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AcuteCare Telemedicine Announces Partnership with Taylor Regional Hospital

AcuteCare Telemedicine (ACT) announces a new partnership with Taylor Regional Hospital, a private, not-for-profit facility with 55 beds in Hawkinsville, GA.  Taylor Regional Hospital now has access to telemedicine technologies that will provide personal neurology consultation to the patients at the rural facility, in addition to increasing hospital revenues and the quality of acute neurological emergency care available to patients.

In the first month at Taylor Regional, ACT treated at least two patients with stroke in the emergency department. One patient received tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), the potentially life-saving drug used to open up thrombosed arteries in stroke. Prior to ACT’s involvement at Taylor Regional, patients had to be redirected to facilities in Macon, GA or Atlanta, GA to receive these time-sensitive treatments.

Lynn Grant, RN ER & Trauma Team Manager and Stroke Champion at Taylor Regional is pleased about having the neurologists of ACT available for consultation at a moment’s notice. “This is a wonderful opportunity for our community and hospital to be able to provide this service,” says Grant.

The partners of ACT hope that the partnership can be a model for increasing patient access to top quality neurology care in remote areas in Georgia and throughout the “stroke belt” states of the Southeast. “Taylor Regional Hospital is the quintessential ‘diamond in the rough.’ They have a population in need and the facilities to care for them,” comments Dr. James Kiely, Ph.D, CIO, ACT. “They simply lacked the neurological expertise which ACT can now provide.”

ACT plans to continue extending its reach into hospitals and medical facilities in underserved areas to combat the morbidity and mortality of stroke. To learn more, go to

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