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Patients Extremely Pleased with Telemedicine

Four months after launching a telemedicine pilot program in conjunction with technology provider Cisco Systems, St. Joseph Health System, a 14 facility hospital network in California, New Mexico, and Texas, has released a patient satisfaction survey that effectively outlines the advantages of telemedicine for patients.

Spokespeople for the partnership have reported that 95% of the patients seen using telemedicine technologies in the program claimed they were “completely satisfied” with their experience. Furthermore, 99% said they would use telehealth services again. Although just one case study, these numbers are a solid case study of the telemedicine patient experience.

So why is consultation via telemedicine technologies so popular with patients? Here are some of the most prominent pluses from the patient’s perspective:

-Telemedicine eliminates travel. Patients are able to connect with physicians from the comfort of their own home, or a facility closer to their home than the physician’s location. This helps both patient and physician avoid unnecessary travel, saving time and effort.

-Telemedicine permits a more flexible schedule. Whether for a simple checkup, continuous patient monitoring, or an emergency situation, scheduling a consultation becomes more flexible when a physician is instantly available. Frustrating long waiting room times are nonexistent in cyberspace.

-Telemedicine simplifies consultation without sacrificing quality. Close evaluation typically shows few or no medical disadvantages to patient consultation via telemedicine technology in most disciplines. Patients feel more relaxed in their own environment.

As practitioners, it is important to view the experience of telemedicine from the patient’s viewpoint. Fortunately, it is becoming clear that patients are on board with this revolutionary technology, facilitating better patient care across geographical borders.


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