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Ahead of the Curve

A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers Health Research Institute report suggested that medical costs are growing at a historically flat rate. The rate of growth is not only of interest to hospital facilities; it is also an extremely important factor in how commercial insurers and large employers set health insurance premiums, determining the changing cost of a health plan from year to year.

The report pointed to several factors combating rising cost trends; thanks to market pressure from a shifting public perception of the healthcare industry, medical supply and equipment costs are coming down and states are working towards greater transparency in disclosing true healthcare costs. A changing patent environment is leading to increased use of generic drugs over more costly name brands.

Perhaps the most influential change affecting the trends is the arrival of innovative new forms of care delivery. Although one helpful trend of reducing financial strain on hospitals by keeping non-emergency patients out of ERs can be accredited to the emerging market of retail clinics, telemedicine is truly the driving force of a broader revolution in the way patients interface with physicians. Whether physicians elect to conduct routine checkups through remote presence technologies or are able to diagnose and administer treatment in emergency cases, the benefit to not only the patient, but also to the healthcare ecosystem is immense.

Thanks to our desire to see the quality of healthcare increase and the system’s strain on the economy and environment decrease, the news that telemedicine is contributing to reducing the rate at which costs are rising is more than welcome to AcuteCare Telemedicine. Our dedication to combating these costs for both our client hospitals and our patients places us ahead of the curve.

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