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Healthcare in the Cloud

Cloud computing is a rapidly emerging trend, and for good reason. Storing data in the cloud (on an offsite data server location that can be accessed from anywhere via the web, as opposed to a personal computer or local server) has many advantages: it is cost effective, free of initial investment in and maintenance of hardware, convenient, and most importantly, flexible and easily accessible. Unfortunately, cloud computing is not too good to be true; there are also significant concerns, mostly related to issues of security and stability.

As technology and knowledge advance, doubts about moving towards a cloud-based system of storing healthcare related information, including electronic health records (EHRs) are being relieved, and adoption is speeding up.

According to a MarketsandMarkets report entitled “Healthcare Cloud Computing Market – Global Trends, Challenges, Opportunities & Forecasts,” the global healthcare cloud computing market is now projected to increase to a value of $5.4 billion by in the next five years. The report notes that the market is already using not only these kinds of cloud-based technologies, but other modern telemedicine techniques to find new solutions to problems that have troubled healthcare administrators for generations. The report’s authors estimate that the adoption cloud technology in the healthcare industry, measured in dollars, will grow at a compounded rate of as much as 20 percent or more in the coming decade.

This estimated growth can be attributed to increasing pressure on healthcare organizations (HCOs) to achieve more while simultaneously reducing costs. According to the report, many HCOs that have not yet turned to cloud computing do plan on converting to the new technology within five years. As healthcare moves toward the cloud, investment and innovation will undoubtedly continue to make dramatic impact on the industry as it strives to improve the quality of our nation’s healthcare.

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